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19″ Hi-Cap Table Top

  • KK-19Front-Closed

  • KK-19-Front-Open

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  • KK-19-45rt-open

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The the Hi-Cap 19″ Table Top is the newest addition to the Komodo Kamado family . While 20% smaller than it’s larger sibling the 23″ Ultimate, this table top makes up for it’s smaller territory by adding huge capacity in the lid.This high capacity lid lets you throw a brisket on the main grill and then load up the upper grill with multiple pork butts/shoulders. The chimney in the rear gives you a uniform ceiling for browning and baking like an Italian wood oven, The hi-cap lid was inspired by the 32″ Big Bad KK which was designed to hold huge volumes of food for entertaining large groups or commerce. We will re-introduce the standing 19 with this new lid soon..  
  • 19" Hi-Cap Table Top Cost
    $2,840    Standard square tiles 
    $2,940    Pebble shaped tiles  and Bronze metallic tiles

  • Multi-Layer Construction
    All Komodo Kamado grills are designed for both durability and performance.  They are cast using refractory cements, these are the same materials industries use for all high temperature containment from blast furnaces to nuclear facilities. 

    Hot face:  This is the inside of the grill and has a dense durable refractory material. the firebox is the same material.

    Main Insulation layer:  This is a vermiculite based insulation that is fortified with AeroGel the world's most efficient insulation.

    Protective Tile layer:  The grill is jacketed with glazed ceramic tiles to protect the lightweight vermiculite insulation. A high tech insulation with nano ceramic spheres is used both as the adhesive and grout. This material is elastomeric and will flex as the grill expands when heated.

  • Dimensions
    Height:                         35″                  (89 cm)
    Height (open)            40″             (101.6 cm)
    Height (to lip)            20 2/3″       (52.5 cm)
    Width (Body):            23 1/4″           (59 cm)
    Depth:                          29 1/2″          (75 cm)
    Depth  (open) :          34 2/3″          (88 cm)

  • The 19" Hi-Cap Table top comes loaded with two 304 Stainless cooking grids that can be used in three positions in the cooker.

    Upper Grill Area      sq"    ( cm2)
    Main Grill Area      sq"    ( cm2)
    Lower Grill Area    sq"    ( cm2)
    Total Area               Soon check back  sq"    ( cm2)

  • Grill Weight
    Gross Weight:  415 lbs   188 kg (crated with all components)
    Net Weight:      338 lbs   153 kg (with all components)
    Lid:      98 lbs     44.5 kg
    Base:  186 lbs   84.3 kg

    304 Stainless total  lbs
    Upper Grill 10 1/2 lbs   (4.8 kgs)
    Main Grill 12 lbs            (5.4 kgs)

  • The Hi-Cap 19" Table top comes rotisserie ready.  There is a sleeve on the inside left wall of the grill with a spring loaded plate and a sleeve on the right with a socket on the inside.  The drive  shaft has two bearings  and sockets on both ends.  One inside and one outside. The motor is mounted on the side accessory plate..and drives the outside socket which drives the roti..  The 19" TT  uses a  6" cradle which is perfect for chicken size meat..  

  • Automatic Temperature Controllers
    All KK grills come plug and play ready for temperature control devices. These use fans and  probes to control airflow/temperature.  Just set your target grill temperature and walk away. Some models use wifi to send both your grill and meat's temps to your smart phone.  The two most popular ones are the BBQ Guru (theBbqGuru.com)and  the Stoker  (RocksBarbque.com)  There is a special faceplate with a Guru inducer tube built into the body with a machined spring loaded plug that lets you easily install and remove the controller's fan. the controller's polder cables go thru a special tube in the body.

  • KK-19-Inside-1

  • KK-19-Inside-2

  • KK-19-Inside-3

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  • KK-19-Inside-5

  • KK-19HighCapMain
  • KK-19HighCapUpper
  • KK-19HighCap
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