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Komodo Kamado – Ultimate Ceramic Grill Kamado is a Japanese word for a traditional earthenware cooking vessel. Today they are widely known as ceramic grills. There are many Kamados on the market, Primo Kamado, Imperial Kamado, California Kamado, the famous Big Green Egg is also a Kamado grill. All of these other ceramic grills are basically glazed ceramic pots with hinged straps and airflow control components. They have a large firebox which protects the glazed outer body from the high temps from the charcoal. They all have very low quality materials and methods of fabrication. Primarily using powder painted carbon steel components and grills, these components are pretty much on the bottom of the quality index. Our Komodo Kamado project was started about 7 years ago. We took ceramic grills in a radically new direct from all the other companies by using the worlds most durable materials for high temperature containment, refractory cements and then taken one step further by adding two layers of actual insulation. This along with casting the straps into the body, making it self opening and using the finest methods of fabrication and only 304 stainless steel put Komodo Kamado into a class of it’s own. KK’s current model is the only high end, high quality ceramic grill / Kamado built.. While in the same ceramic category it’s like comparing a Model T to a new luxury car in both performance and user friendliness. Just the weight difference tells the story. Typically glazed pot ceramic grills weigh about 140lbs total.. KK has a a whopping 82lbs of 304 Stainless steel and weighs 588lbs..
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