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General Inquiries

Dennis Linkletter

Owner and Designer of Komodo Kamado


American Owned and Designed
Factory: Surabaya Java – Home base: Bali
Established: August 2005

Production Indonesia – Distribution Worldwide


info@komodokamado.com Los Angeles (424) 270-1948 / Atlanta (404) 418-6648 / **NEW** Sydney AU (02) 8006 0968**

Other information


I’m Dennis Linkletter, owner and designer of Komodo Kamado. I personally handle all customer inquiries. Please fill in the boxes below and I’ll send you an email with lots of information about Komodos, why they are the world’s premier charcoal grill and how you can get cooking on one. Please remember to send me your zip code so I can send you a delivery quote if you are in the States.

**I ship KK’s worldwide very reasonably.**

Although I’m based in Indonesia, I have two US and one AU toll free to Indo numbers that ring thru to my desk/computer. Please feel free to call at any hour, If I’m away, you may leave a voice message and I’ll call you back when I log on. I’m happy to answer all your questions about KK or charcoal cooking in general.

Los Angeles (424) 270-1948 – Please call anytime.. won’t wake anybody, has voicemail.

Atlanta at (404) 418-6648

**Sydney AU (02) 8006 0968**

Thank you for your interest and inquiry..

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