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CoCo Charcoal


Komodo Kamado Sustainable Extruded CoConut Shell Charcoal


Unlike other charcoals,  CoCo Char has no wood flavor profile (volatiles) which lets you cook smoke and flavor free.  This lets you add a target smoking wood and get only it’s profile, not a mix of the charcoal you are using and the target flavor.

How good is it?  We’ll let the king of online charcoal reviews say it for us Naked Whiz Review, Click here
Komodo CoCo Char comes in 20 lb boxes  (171/2“x 9 1/2“x 7″)  ~  $1.40 lb / $28 box
Volume discounts for palette orders and KK owners. Wholesale discounts available
Palette volumes 30 boxes /600 lbs 40 boxes /800 lbs 60 boxes /1200 lbs
There is no minimum order but there are warehouse fees to build new palettes
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